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Our Board should:

  • Lead by example in demonstrating trust and stability
  • Create opportunities for collaboration and consensus
  • Actively listen and respond to the needs of the community

My Priorities are:

Health & Safety

  • Maintain both the physical and emotional well being of all students and staff
  • Focus on returning to in-person learning when the science and data supports the decision

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Ensure new facilities remain on track and on budget
  • Maintain legacy school sites to ensure quality facilities for all students

Enhance Transparency & Communication

  • Help the community to better understand the districts priorities
  • Share information in advance of Board action on key subjects

Technology & Continued Learning

  • Commit to continuous learning for staff to improve delivery of instruction
  • Identify best practices for distance learning and use of technology as we move back into the classroom

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Lead the charge by offering Diversity & Inclusion training for administration and staff
  • Ensure an equitable learning experience for all of our students

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